Merhaba Misafir

Participatory concept mapping as an integration tool in mixed methods research: Exploring preservice teachers’ epistemic cognition and teaching orientation


Our goal for this article is two-fold: 1) to examine the efficacy of participatory concept mapping as an integration tool for mixed methods research (MMR), and 2) to explore, using concept mapping, pre-service teachers’ epistemic cognition (EC) and its relationship to teaching orientation (TO). Using a combined developmental and dimensional framework, preservice teachers’ (N=48) concept maps about their (EC) and (TO) were investigated. Analyses revealed that the majority of the participants were consistent with the EC profiles of either: 1) absolutist, 2) multiplist, or 3) evaluativist. Participants’ EC and TO were clearly linked and implications for learning, instruction, and teacher education are discussed. Finally, concept mapping was deemed an effective tool for MMR especially as it pertains to integration.

Yayınlandığı Kaynak : International Journal of Educational Methodology